FUJI X-E1 and LEICA X VARIO Comparisons - 1. ISO OOC Jpg. tests.

This is the first part of some comparison tests between the Fuji X-E1, fitted with the 18-55mm and Leica X Vario cameras, with the fixed 18-46mm. Looking at image Quality. This first post deals with the difference between out of camera jpgs. with particular regard to high ISO quality.

This was the test subject - tripod mounted, f/8 selected on both lenses.

Below are some comparison enlargements.

There are obviously two different philosophies working here. The Fuji files are clearly less noisy while the Leica files are clearly sharper.

Out of interest I compared the ISO 3200 files again and this time added some significant noise reduction to the Leica file, this is what I got.

Its therefore a case of what works best for you. I shoot very little at high ISO's but I prefer the Leica rendition, as I like to decide what amount of noise reduction to apply and its easier to noise reduce an OOC jpg. than sharpen it. 

The two original ISO 3200 files are available for download HERE from Google Drive.