Did Adobe just kill the megapixel race? - Photoshop CC

Subscription only Photoshop Creative Cloud released. Despite my initial reluctance to go for this, subsequent investigation means I will be upgrading, particularly since I get it for £8 per month for the first year. Plus there are two killer features that now I've used them, I can't live without.

I'm currently using the 30-day trial and I'm seriously impressed by the new Smart Sharpen and Image Size Preserve details (Enlargement) features. The former is a great reworking of the previous sharpening parameters, only much better, with more control and the latter is a simply brilliant method of upsizing files that can turn my 10MP Nikon 1 files into 36MP monsters with no ill-effects. It really works, and the interpolated files look amazing, none of the noise, softness and artefacts that enlarging files normally creates. Disatisfied with your current pixel count? Contemplating upgrading? Forget it. Save your money, subscribe to CC and you have a new camera. One with twice as many MP's as you had before. 

You really have to try this. The link above gives access to the trial download and I'm sure that like me, once you try it you'll want it. I have no idea how they have done this because every other interpolation method I've used doesn't come close to the results I can achieve with this.

Think of the implications. The photographer likes using small cameras, but the client wants a BIG image. No problem, run the images through this and both are happy. No more 'My cameras only 12MP, I really want / need something larger.' Well now you can have that something larger without changing your camera. As I said I've been upsizing my Nikon files for picture libraries, plus trying it on all my other cameras, plus scans and low MP files I shot years ago. It works with them all. My Leica X Vario files upsized to 36MP are simply amazing. Someone wrote in a review that the X Vario's pixel count was a bit low and 'dated'. Well not anymore its not (if it ever was). 'Images the size of a wall mate. Size is important? Well take a look at this.'

Sometimes Adobe frustrate the hell out of me, but then they come up with something like this. Totally Brilliant.