Castle and gardens with Nikon D7100

Location - Kenilworth Castle and restored Elizabethan Gardens
Gear - Nikon D7100, Sigma 12-24mm and Nikon 85mm f/1.8G lenses

I'm always surprised by how some lenses work well with some cameras and not with others. The 12-24mm Sigma zoom I have is OK with my Nikon D800E and V1, soft as blancmange with my Fuji X-E1 and yet my Nikon D7100 absolutely loves it. On that camera it becomes a very sharp lens, whereas on all the other cameras its adequate but certainly nothing special. I noticed this before and it performed the same a couple of days ago when I took it to the above location.

I've been a bit disappointed that it didn't work well with the Fuji, since apart from the 14mm prime there aren't a lot of other options. The 85mm f/1.8G has no such little quirks, it works superbly on any of the cameras I put it on. 

As to the D7100, I like the camera more and more. The lack of an AA filter is a somewhat subtle difference to other 24MP APS-C sensors, but it is a positive difference none the less. Plus it has the advantage that its a lighter body than the D800E to use the Sigma on, as its a brutish, heavy combination on the 35mm sensor camera. And for a lot of locations the 12mm end is just too wide. The 1.5 crop of the D7100 worked well for the lens at this castle and gardens location and I was pleased with the results. As you can see the weather helped.

I've got two more sets of images to post from the weekend and hopefully there will be one more sunny day today if the forecast is accurate before the high pressure area thats been giving all this beautiful weather slips away and we return to more 'normal' UK conditions. To be honest I could do with a rest since I've been working for 10 days straight and doing a lot of walking, but in this country you have to make the best of the opportunities that arise.