Yet another nice little Nikon 1 trick

Yes another of those 'Isn't the Nikon 1 V1 a great little camera' posts. This neat little trick is fill-in-flash courtesy of the diminutive SB-N5 Speedlight.

All of the following were taken with the outfit pictured above. 10-100mm VR PD Zoom lens, the SB-N5 flashgun at ISO 200, lens wide open, fill-in flash selected in the cameras flash menu and with the light from the flash bounced off the ceiling.

These are remarkably good, very natural looking with a great balance between daylight and flash light. Note the pictures with the garden outdoors included shot through a window. The pictures don't look like they were shot with flash and there is a nice even illumination in them.

This was one of my occasional property shoots for my sister-in-law, who together with her husband buy up severely neglected houses and turn them into what you see above. I shoot the images for advertising when they are ready to sell and also use them for my stock libraries. Normally I use a camera on a tripod, and for this I did take a whole selection with my Nikon D800E + Sigma 12-24mm lens. However, having just got the flashgun, I had taken a few test shots and was impressed with the fill-in flash capability, so I decided to take the Nikon 1 along as well. This was somewhat of an experiment, but I couldn't have been more pleased.

The flashgun attaches to the accessory port, and actually gets its power from the camera battery. One of the advantages you get from the use of the same battery that powers my D800E and D7100. Again Nikon seem to be almost dumping the flashgun as well as the V1 camera in favour of the V2 and the SB-N7 flashgun which takes it own batteries. The SB-N5 was quite difficult to find and I eventually found one on Amazon which arrived from Denmark.

All my rave posts about the Nikon 1 system, are don't forget, taken with a camera that is now somewhat old and is now being heavily discounted, indicating I presume that Nikon are intending to discontinue it quite soon. From the Japanese sales figures I posted a few days ago, it seems that the more basic cameras like the J1 have sold a lot more than the V1 and this could mean Nikon may well be going in another direction. Certainly the V2 is smaller, lighter, with a lower powered battery and more pixels crammed onto the sensor. Most of this is going in the wrong direction for me which is the only real concern I have with the Nikon 1 system. The V3? if and when it arrives will give a clue as to where they intend taking the top end of the system and hopefully they will decide that a V1 type camera, rather than the V2 is the way to go.