Sick as a Touit

Via FujiRumors there is access to a zip file of images from the Zeiss Touit lenses for the Fuji X series. These are raw files and they are seriously underwhelming to me. The 12mm results are actually somewhat soft. If these are how the final production models are going to perform then I think there may be a somewhat heated debate as to exactly how Zeiss justify their price. Certainly to my eyes no better than the Fuji lenses available for the system and probably somewhat worse. 

There is a different take at SonyAlphaRumors - link here. 

'Zeiss 12mm f/2.8:
The graph on top shows the sharpness of the lens. And the tester says that “the performance, both in the center and in the corners is spectacular“. Also the distortion and vignetting are very well controlled and almost non visible.'

If this is indeed what the testers said then either they need glasses and / or they have a different definition to me as to what constitutes 'spectacular'. See what you think.