Leica Mini M rubbishing

Lots of negativity about this one. Mainly of course revolving around the price. (What comment about a Leica doesn't involve that?) Just thought I'd stick a few of my thoughts in.

This is expensive and somehow the RX1 with a fixed lens isn't?
People don't seem to factor in the resale value, I had both X1 and X2 and sold them for pretty much what I paid for them.
1 year unconditional guarantee. You can basically throw it against a wall and Leica will send you a new one for free.
The X1 and X2 had superb image quality and the green foliage looked just like green foliage, and not like it was painted by Monet.
Slow zoom yes. But look who makes it.
The X1 and X2 were really light cameras. I have no reason to believe this one won't be the same.
The X1 had slow AF, but the X2 was a whole other ball game. Very fast indeed.
Both the X1 and X2 have superb high ISO performance. I used my X1 for weddings. Beat the pants off my Canon DSLR's in low light.
If its like the X2 it will have a silent shuttter.
No dust spots.
Again if its like the X1 and X2 it will have very simple, very pared down menus.
I sold both the X's because I got frustrated with the fixed lens and kept thinking, if only they made one of these with a zoom.

If I can afford it when it comes out, I'm getting one. I'll forego the dubious pleasure of a 35mm lens imitation (There goes my street photography cred !!) and use a zoom lens instead. 

Plus it is of course, a compact camera. And nobody apart from photographers have a clue what a Leica is. People seem to think that Leicas are some kind of show off camera, but the vast majority of people will be much more impressed by your iPhone than this, and much more likely to steal that. So if you want a small light, extremely high quality, unobtrusive camera, look no further. A snip at the price!!!!