Fuji X-E1 - love is blind

So of the four cameras I now own, which is the one I like using the most? Well its the only non-Nikon, the Fuji X-E1. Its certainly not the easiest and quickest to use and getting the best out of the files via Aperture and photoshop is certainly not the simplest, but my retro fetish still gets the better of me. I just love using the X-E1 and it takes all my willpower to stop getting rid of everything else and buying an X-Pro1 to go with it and all the lenses, and maybe a X100S as well. Certainly the upcoming Zeiss 12mm is very enticing and despite all my financial resolutions I think I have to have one! Plus the Really Right Stuff L-Plate grips fitted to the Fuji X cameras look great.

This is a bit like my love affair / infatuation with the Olympus Pens, style over content, aesthetics over usability, or whatever it is. I'm just a sucker for a Lookaleica I guess and its not 'helped' by the fact that the X-Trans sensor would allow me to pretty much shoot anything anywhere. 

We like what we like I guess and a Leica M is out of the question for the time being, so this is the next best thing, or probably more than that since the Fuji X's are certainly more versatile.

I try and I try but I can't love my Nikons, neither the DSLR's or the Nikon 1. Even though when I'm out shooting with them I think they are great to use and if I'm using a Fuji I'm often swearing at it. My experience with the X-Pro1 was 'interesting' to say the least. I may get overwhelmed by this desire to work exclusively with 'faux rangefinders', but I'm holding out for the moment. 

It is however a worrying sign that when I get a spare moment I keep looking at pictures of Fuji's on the internet or start trying another way of processing the X files. I was even playing with the Fuji - Silkypix software yesterday. I know if I go to Fuji exclusively I'll probably regret it, but somehow that doesn't seem to matter, and I may yet succumb. 

Be strong. One day at a time!