The iPhone street photography app. and Leica iPhone announced


CBMagnum technologies today announce the availability of their iPhone Street Photography app. The app. turns the camera lens on the iPhone into a 35mm equivalent, allows the taking of black and white pictures only and has what is a world first, a homeless person detector. When linked to the CBMagnum satellite the iPhone flashes and beeps when a homeless person is detected in the vicinity. It even discriminates between those who are sleeping and those who are awake, giving priority to those who are asleep, as they are easier to photograph and don't talk back.

For the last 18 months CBMagnum have been geotagging all the homeless people in the U.S. and Western Europe. The rest of the world will follow in due course. CBMagnum are currently negotiating with Google to have this feature added to Google Earth.

Future updates available will include the location of all advertising hoardings that have people looking down at the pavement and when holding the iPhone the camera will take a picture automatically when a passer-by is in the right position. Strangely dressed old ladies, people looking in shop windows with a reflection and amusing looking dog detectors will also follow.


In further related news Apple and Leica have announced the Leica iPhone, a limited edition iPhone which includes a Siberian Tiger Skin case and pouch from one of the worlds most endangered animals,

Both the Street Photography app. and Leica iPhone are available from 12:00 midnight to 12 noon only on April 1st. 2013. The price of the app. is $9,999 / £9,999 / €9,999 and the limited edition iPhone is $99,999 / £99,999 / €99,999, with $50 / £50 / €50 cashback if bought with the CBMagnum street photography app. See the CBMagnum, Apple and Leica websites for further details.

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