Nikon D800E and DX lenses continued

Finally something approaching a fine Spring day. Still a cold wind blowing but yesterday was a day of blue skies and sunshine. I took the opportunity to check out the 35mm f/1.8 and 55-200mm DX lens combination for the Nikon.

I'm still pleasantly surprised at how well this works. These light and inexpensive lenses do turn in a great performance in the 5:4 format with only a relatively simple removal of a small amount of vignetting in the corners, which takes seconds for each file. The files are lovely and sharp and CA and fringing free after being processed in ACR / CS6. I'm getting better results here than with either the 28-300mm and 24-85mm zooms I had previously. 

I wrote in a previous post that I can't really see how I would need files sharper than this. I also really like the 5:4 ratio crop. Works very well for me and it seems to suit how I shoot. I did actually do some walking yesterday and found the outfit no burden at all. 

Apropos things Nikon I have ordered the Nikon 1 V1 twin lens kit. At £367 for camera and two lenses its a cheap way of finding out if it works for me. Since I could probably sell the items separately on ebay for more than that, there's not a lot of risk involved. Its arriving tomorrow and I'll get to see if the system gives me the quality I need with the large DOF I'm hoping to get.

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