Nikon D7100 Review and user experience - Part 5 - The humble 18-55mm

The Nikon 18-55mm 'kit lens' may lay claim to being the most bought DSLR camera lens. Either that or the Canon version. While it may not be the best lens Nikon have ever made, its far from the worst. Its also very good value and I bought one from Amazon for £97, which is hard to complain about.

Yesterday I was using it with the D7100 and as usual (I think I've had four) it turned in a decent performance. I've bought it since I don't want to carry primes around with me, I don't like the 18-200mm DX zoom at all and its small and light with excellent VR (Image stabilisation) It also benefits from the lack of an AA filter on the D7100 which sharpens the images up a tad and from the lens profiles in Photoshop Adobe Camera raw, which takes out the CA and distortion. It will of course work as a set with the 55-200mm and while cheap and unglamorous I have no problems with it. In the past I've usually sold these on, as by doing that I've generally made the camera it formed a kit with somewhat cheaper, since when bought in that way it ends up as a very inexpensive lens and I've usually sold them for a profit. 

Not in the same ball-park as the Sigma f/1.8 lens announced today, but it works for me. This one may end up staying around for a while.