Nikon 1 on two wheels

Summer arrived for a day on Tuesday and I went out with my nephew on a cycle ride. I used the Nikon 1 V1, 10-30mm zoom and took some panning shots - see video above. Below is one from the set showing slight motion blur behind the rider.

The camera is ideally suited to this. Light and small to carry, I had it in my shoulder bag and was able to shoot quickly and accurately. Its amazing to shoot these high-speed series with the camera making virtually no noise at all. 

This wasn't really a shoot, just a great afternoon out in the sunshine. I'm certainly not at peak fitness currently having just got over a virus that involved a cough and flu symptoms and lasted 5 months. This prompted lots of tests and five cat scans and did worry me for a while. However it seems that I have nothing more than slight anaemia which I am rectifying with diet and supplements currently.

As you will be aware I have still been out shooting whenever the weather was good enough but I have not been on my bike that often and when I have its been a real struggle. Attempting to keep up with my super-fit nephew in coasting mode (him not me!) was my first attempt to push myself somewhat and he was very kind to me. I did however manage the return journey in top gear (with a following wind!!) so was pleased by my improvement.

I'm rambling on here because this strikes me as a situation where the Nikon 1 system really shines. I can't honestly think of another camera that would do this so well. The pictures were also excellent quality and looked great on the screen. Hopefully the weather this year will allow me to visit some of the more scenic cycle routes in the UK and the V1 is an ideal camera for this. I'm keen to get a cycle mount for the camera so I can shoot some video as well. If anyone out there has experience of mounting cameras on bikes, I'd love some feedback via Google+. 

So all in all a good day. Unfortunately, as is always the case in the UK, the good weather lasted a very short time and we are back to normal again. However I enjoyed my afternoon out with my little outdoors camera seeing what else it can do and it was good to be on the bike again. 

Finally my thanks to my Nephew Ben, for putting up with me and my somewhat pedestrian pace (as far as he is concerned) and for modelling, together with his splendid Giant bicycle, for these pictures. (My somewhat humbler Specialized can be seen in the video sequence)