Nikon 1 6.7-13mm wide angle lens - Review and User Experience - Part 2 - Test Shots

Had a chance this morning to shoot some test shots with the Nikon 1 6.7-13mm Wide angle zoom.

Here's a brick wall at 6.7mm

Little bit bendy. Here's the same shot after a bit of correction in Photoshop.

Nikon say on their website that it focuses to 9 inches or 25cm, but I think thats wrong, it focuses closer than that. The following shot was taken 3 inches away at the maximum.

This is the centre and the four corners of the shot of the brick wall.

Some 100% blowups.

People will obviously come to their own conclusions, but I'm very pleased with these results. The lens performs very well as far as I'm concerned, in the same way that the other Nikon 1 lenses I've bought do. 

Thats pretty much all the testing I'm going to do for now, but I was planning to have a look how it compares with the Sigma 12-24mm I have at some point. 

This is just further weight for my belief that the Nikon 1 is an excellent system. Different to what I've had with m4/3 and NEX certainly. This half compact camera / half mirrorless EVIL CSC idea did of course cut no ice with me when it was announced, but using it for a while I can see that it works very well with the limits of what the small sensor will let it do. With the large DOF possible and the quality of the low ISO results, its obviously something that suits me well. And while there are certainly no aspirations, I'm sure, that this could ever be regarded as any kind of professional system, it will for me get used in a professional way. i.e. to earn my living. 

For me this wide-angle zoom is right up there with the Panasonic 7-14mm in terms of results and of course has the advantage of being smaller, lighter and cheaper. Not quite as dramatic as the Lumix lens in terms of coverage but really useful all the same. Weather forecast is better for the next two days , so hopefully I'll be able to give it a thorough workout.