New Nikon 1 lens - Macs now support Fuji raw files

A couple of bits and pieces from the last couple of days.

Firstly Nikon are poised to announce a 32mm f/1.2 lens. The 1" sensor version of an 85mm f/1.2. Makes me wonder just how Nikon regard this system. They have some pretty fancy lenses for a 'domestic' 'family' 'snapshot' system

Secondly, Apple have finally released a software update that supports the Fuji X-Trans cameras. 

This isn't an Aperture or iPhoto update, but an update to the operating system. So as well as the files now opening in those software pacakages, you can now see the files in the preview window and see the image by clicking on it and pressing the space bar.

I tried some conversions using the simple raw conversion tools in iPhoto and they were actually pretty good. A little bit sharper than the basic Photoshop conversions, so I imagine Aperture would work well too. 

Better late than never I guess.