Fuji 55-200mm Telephoto zoom


Fuji have officially announced the 55-200mm telephoto zoom for the X-Trans sensor cameras. You cannot fail to notice that this thing is massive. Heavy too at 580g. Now I'm sure it will be a very good lens and I know its faster than most zooms of this type. But thats only about 1/2 a stop and considering how good the Fuji's are at higher ISO's this does seem a somewhat over the top offering. 

This is bigger and heavier than a lot of DSLR lenses and will obviously make a very lens heavy combination with either the X-Pro 1 or X-E1. As I thought, I don't think I'll be getting one for my X-E1, as this is just too bulky and too heavy to carry with the 18-55mm zoom I have.

This is precisely the reason I have been raving about the Nikon 1 system. Rather than say 'Hey look, we have a DSLR sized sensor, thats good right?' Nikon have put together a system that matches sensor, cameras and lenses perfectly. Micro four-thirds does this as well and offers a range of lenses in sizes that match the various cameras. Samsung have a great telephoto zoom but its also huge. The Sony NEX version is light(ish) but very long. The Nikon 1 30-110mm however is just about perfect for the camera size. Looking at this Fuji lens I wondered just how big and heavy a 18-200mm would be for the system.

With the ethos and overall look of the system, wouldn't it have been a better idea to come up with a telephoto prime or a smaller lighter version of this with 'normal' apertures? Certainly what Fuji have come up with here means that I won't be buying one. I guess other Fuji owners have to come to their own decision.