Depth of Field

I'm still re-editing these Olympus E-10 and Minolta 7i images from years ago to upload to my picture libraries and while the quality is some way from modern cameras I really like the huge depth of field that I got on those shots. 

I began to wonder if there was something around these days that would do the same thing but with much better image quality, that would allow for something other than small scale reproduction or web use. I had a look at some samples of well-regarded compact cameras such as the Fuji X20, but they weren't that great. The best I found was a camera range I've been very rude about, the Nikon 1's. The quality at the low ISO's I would use was actually pretty good. The same size sensor as the Sony RX100 which I liked apart from its lack of a viewfinder, there was much less noise and a decent sharpness and dynamic range. 

Amazon are currently selling the original Nikon 1 V1 twin lens kit for around £350 and I may well take the plunge, since thats a pretty low price for a camera and two lenses. The camera has a viewfinder, and 10MP which is not huge but better than my old files. There are some newer cameras with 14MP, but I thought they weren't as clean as the 10MP versions. It will be strange if I buy one after what I wrote about the whole concept, but then that is something I've done before and I don't really have a problem with it. 

Haven't made my mind up yet, but I may well give it a try. 

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