Decision made

Well decision day came and went and I finally made up my mind what cameras I'm using next year. In the end I decided to keep more than I intended which means that I will have less money in the bank, but a more enjoyable time. Common sense got somewhat subverted by desire and I've decided that yes I will get a Nikon D7100, but I'll keep the Fuji X-E1 as well. The Fuji is just such a great camera for higher ISO's and I do like it a lot and in the end I couldn't bear to part with it.

Financially if I sell any of these cameras in the next year I loose an equipment tax break, so its in my interest to keep them, since these will be filed under assets. So I won't be becoming 100% 'Nikon Man' but pretty close to that. 

A few weeks ago I had 11 cameras, so this is a bit more sensible than that and I know that these are four cameras that will get used a lot and won't just sit on the shelf. Two DSLR's and two mirrorless is a nice combination and it is a lot of money tied up in gear, but my  picture library sales are currently very healthy so everything will hopefully earn its keep. 

So there it is. I'm happy with what I've ended up with and its hardly what I would have envisaged a few months ago. No m/43 or Sony NEX of course and I wouldn't have predicted that, since I've been using those systems a lot over the past couple of years. In the end however I've gone with more 'traditional' cameras and they all are what I would consider 'photographer' cameras, even the Nikon 1 V1, which the more I use, the more I like. Electronics companies have moved photographic gear on in recent times, but I'm currently more inclined to go with manufacturers whose primary function is making photographic equipment.

Now all I need is some decent weather to go out and use them.