They just can't get it right can they? - The Nikon Coolpix A

Fixed lens APS-C sensor fixed length (18.5mm) compact from Nikon. Their first 'proper' mirrorless camera? No AA filter - great. But also no EVF (though the usual overpriced optical viewfinder accessory) and no proper grip. And as you can see from the picture absolutely no style, no decent design and no class whatsoever. What a nasty little box. Going to cost £1000 apparently, for which of course you can buy a D7100. ????? Sony, now Nikon. Overpriced 'super-compacts". No wonder Fuji get so much attention with the X100 / X100s, at least their overpriced accessories aren't essentials and the camera actually looks good. 

OK Nikon we get it. We understand now. Yes we promise we will keep on buying your DSLR's, because thats what you really want us to do, isn't it?.

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