The wide and wacky world of the Sigma 12-24mm

There I was writing that I wouldn't need a wide-angle lens for a while and then a property shoot turns up. The opportunity to photograph a newly-converted, newly decorated show home with a signed property release is imminent, courtesy of my wifes sister and husband who convert old wrecks for a living.

I thought about what lens to get for this and decided on the amazing Sigma 12-24mm which I'm planning to use with my D800E. So 103MB of ultra-wideness is coming.

I've had a few of these lenses over the years, often like this bought for a specific purpose and then sold on, and they are pretty unique. 12mm with a 35mm sized sensor is wide and before I decided to get it I had a look at some of my location pictures shot with one.

Now I won't pretend this is the sharpest lens ever made because its not, but the sheer scope of what it will get in a picture is pretty impressive. Its is also relatively distortion free as well. It will be interesting to see how it reacts with the 36MP of the D800E, but there is a lens profile in ACR and the above images turned out very well.

I don't know whether I will keep it, as I tend not to hang on to these ultra-wides after a property shoot. So we'll see. Its certainly worth getting and even selling it at a loss, the potential earnings from this kind of shoot being significantly more than the money I will lose.

Its arriving later today so I'll get to play with it for a bit, and I'll report back on what I get with it.  

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