Still dithering - Spring is in the air?

A couple of shots above taken with an Olympus OM-D and Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 zoom. On my way to the focus on imaging show. Of course using the OM-D, I wanted to keep it. Which is of course how I got into this mess in the first place!

Yesterday saw the departure of the GH3 and grip, to an animator and filmmaker who will take much more advantage of the video possibilities than I ever would. The Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 has also left and the 20mm f/1.7. The NEX-7 is close to leaving also. All of this is of course gear I would like to keep ideally. Not because I need any of it specifically, but just because I like using it and I like to try different things. So basically I'm seriously dithering. The latest plan is to sell everything, then see what I fancy buying when everythings gone!! I probably won't come to a decision any other way.

While all this nonsense is going on, my business bank account is fortunately recovering well and I'm getting some reasonable prices on ebay, though certainly not as good as a year ago for example. The Christmas discounting seems to have stopped and prices are holding relatively steady again. So I can recover a reasonable amount of what I spent on all this stuff. 

I suspect this upcoming financial year will be somewhat difficult for me. Years of self-indulgence and basically buying anything I fancied having a look at has caught up with me. All of this has to stop for a year so that I can recover my financial position. However, as indicated above I've been thinking that I might still go for the option whereby I don't keep a couple of the cameras I have already but have the stimulation of something new to work with for a while. But thats not proving easy either. I've pretty much tried whatever I thought I would like and my visit to the show yesterday didn't throw up any options that proved irresistable.

Things have changed somewhat in the way that I work, which might ultimately affect my decision. I am still very much on top of the images I'm shooting, and the huge backlogs of previous years are no more. I've even edited and uploaded all the Fuji X-Pro 1 images I was waiting to process, so I'm almost in a year zero situation which would allow me pretty much to go in whatever direction I want. I obviously have no problem with keeping the new stuff coming, with my huge film resource sitting in my cupboards. Though new might be the wrong word here. Previously unavailable for web downloading might be a better description.

I am also managing to take less pictures when I'm out shooting, which is helping me cope with the editing much better. You may have noticed I've been posting quite a lot lately, and thats usually an indication that I have so much to edit that I need a break, or as in this case that I've finished the editing and have the time to do some writing.

It was also nice to see some indications of Spring yesterday. A lovely warm day with little wind and a rather nice 14 degrees. I did however choose to spend a lot of it in the airless confines of the show, but it was nice to see some blue sky, sunshine and relative warmth again. Its been a long, cold and above all dull winter. The amount of cloud cover has been very heavy since last November. There has been a welcome respite from the rain however and countryside footpaths are actually drying up allowing access to places that have been inaccessible mudfields for months, after a year of record rainfall. However knowing how this country works I'm just waiting for the drought warnings!!!

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