Samsung latest

Somewhere in Korea.

Camera Designer: "I've brought you the new NX 1100

Marketing Executive: "Is that the new phone? Whats that thing on the front? That will have to go"

Camera Designer: "No its not a phone, its a digital camera"

Marketing Executive: "Do we make those?"

Camera Designer: "Yes we've been making them for years"

Marketing Executive: "Really. Does anyone buy them?"

Camera Designer: "Well actually no. And I was meaning to have a word with you about that"

Marketing Executive: "Why"

Camera Designer: "Well all our competitors are making these really nice retro looking cameras with viewfinders and dials, and lots of photographers seem to like them.

Marketing Executive: "So whats your point?"

Camera Designer: "Well I thought we could make something like that. We've got some mock-ups down in the lab that we think look good. I've brought some pictures to show you?"

Marketing Executive: "But these look like my Grandads camera. Who on earth would want to buy one of these?"

Camera Designer: "Well they do seem to be popular. Olympus and Fuji have models like this that sell very well.

Marketing Executive: "No you're making that up. What we need is a camera that has wi-fi, bluetooth, instant access to the cloud and social networking sites. Tell you what, can you put a phone inside it as well? That would be very popular with our camera buying demographic. Plus how about some bright colours, black is just so...... colourless."

Camera Designer: "But we don't have a camera buying demographic, our cameras just don't get any attention and nobody buys them."

Marketing Executive: "No, I've got the projections right here. Our camera buying demographic is 19-22 year old female professionals who live in Seoul."

Camera Designer: "But thats a very small market. How can we make a profit on that?"

Marketing Executive: "Well we could make less of them."

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