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As the complete opposite to me shooting with the D800E I've been edited some images shot around 12 years ago with an Olympus E10 and a Minolta 7i. (4 MP and 5MP) I've been looking around the microstock sites I sell through and they have large gaps for French travel material of which I have a lot shot on both these camera. Many of these E10 and 7i files have never been on sale anywhere for various reasons and I wanted to see if I could get them accepted.

Somewhat surprisingly my best selling, and pickiest, library can't seem to get enough of them, and while they are small files 10MB, 7"x5" at 300dpi for the Olympus and 14MB 8"x6" at 300dpi for the Minolta and will get used for the web or small print use, I suspect (hope!) they might do very well. Thats the size I sell most at anyway.

They do take a bit of work. Firstly they were shot as jpgs. as raw file conversion back then was pretty rudimentary. No Photoshop or Lightroom ACR, just the truly awful and incredibly slow Olympus and Minolta software. Secondly there is a fair amount of noise, both luminance and colour to get rid of. In fact the images do end up somewhat soft, but as I've written before, libraries aren't that concerned so long as the images are within certain requirements.

It is very satisfying to give these pictures a new lease of life. I went digital very early and by 2001 thats all I shot. I was aware that both cameras would be superceded quite quickly and it proved to be so. I started using a Fuji S2  Pro a year later and that was followed by a Kodak 14/n.

Of course one of the things in my favour is the growth of the internet and the fact that there are lots of markets for small files. I could say I saw that coming, but I didn't, however I had a few E10 files published at A4 size at the time I owned it and they looked really good so I assumed that the images would have a long 'shelf-life' anyway, so long as they weren't required for large-scale printing. 

I'm probably going to end up with several hundred of these old images online. I have many more, but those are all full of non model released people and logos all over the place. It was a simpler time back then and the libraries that were around didn't have all these royalty-free requirements that exist now. 

I am fairly fortunate that the library that is taking the bulk of these still accepts images at this size. There are many who no longer do. However this is all great fun and I'm finding some really nice images lurking away in my files. Just as I enjoy getting my film scans out there, its gratifying that these early digital shots are finding a place to be seen and can hopefully earn some money as well.

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