Nikon D800E - 35mm DX f/1.8

I finally got outdoors to check out my 35mm f/1.8 DX lens on my D800E. Even got some sunshine too. Still cold and covered in snow as you can see, but a few shadows were certainly welcome.

I've always rated this lens, both on DX cameras and FX cameras too. Using the 5:4 ratio crop the vignetting all but disappears and I'm left with a light and sharp little lens. It really is a pleasure to use on the D800E and despite loosing a few pixels it turned in a great performance. 

With the crop it ends up more like a 38mm lens, but as I've often written that around the 40mm focal length is a particular favourite of mine and tends to suit what I shoot very well. Now I doubt I would have gone for this option without the financial incentive of selling loads of equipment to pay my tax bill, but I'm glad I did. I'm pleased with all my 'budget' lenses, Sigma 12-24, this 35mm and the 55-200mm zoom, plus of course my long serving 50mm f/1.8. I've started uploading pictures shot with them to my libraries and they are being accepted and are on sale. 

Also being forced to use the 5:4 crop is no hardship either. I've written in previous posts how much I like it and I'm certainly not finding it restrictive. In fact it seems to 'get to the point' of what I want to include in my images very well. It feels like I'm wasting less space and the frame works very well. 

Here's hoping that the jet stream gets on its bike and moves north, so that we can have a 'proper spring'. One month almost gone already of my favourite season, lets hope April and May turn out better than this dismal March.

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