I just couldn't do it

So there I am, photographing the rest of my gear to go on ebay. NEX-6, photographed and boxed up. Two Sigma DP Merills, photographed and boxed up. Some lenses, adapters etc. the same, photographed and boxed up. And then it came to the last item, my Nikon D800E.

I just couldn't do it. I simply couldn't pick it up, put it in front and my camera and photograph it for ebay. Everything in my brain was saying the same thing. "I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS." I knew it would be hard, in fact I think I always knew this would happen. I really don't want to sell it. In fact why would I? I've described it as all round the best picture taking device ever invented. I can afford to keep it, though my bank account will be less healthy that it would be without it, and even though I've only got one lens, the 50mm f/1.8, for it, with no plans to buy any more, I'm pretty sure it will stay. 

So that sorts out my second camera then!!


Since writing the above I've thought more about this and I think its a very satisfactory solution. Obviously just using a 50mm lens is a restriction, but I really can't face carrying around a big beavy zoom, or prime for that matter, and if it means I get to use the D800E on a regular basis, then I can put up with that. Creating pictures is down to the choices I make after all.

If I had persuaded myself to sell the Nikon, I suspect I would always have thought I was missing something. I've written before that the files it produces are way over the top for what I do, and what I sell, but those files are such a joy to look at, and literally explore on my screen, that I just don't want to be without that pleasure, and couldn't bring myself to remove it.

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