Fujifilm X-E1 - Manual Focusing

I've used my Voigtlander 90mm f/3.5 Apo-Lanthar on a LOT of cameras. Leica M9, virtually all my m4/3 and NEX cameras and now on the Fuji X-E1. It is extremely versatile and never lets me down. I got myself a Kipon adapter off ebay. I've had good experiences with them and this one also works well.

Manual focus on the Fuji is like m4/3 cameras. Press the data wheel on the back, image enlarges, focus and press the shutter button to return to the full image. So no focus peaking, which once you've used it is difficult to do without. However, it works and the viewfinder image is very sharp and its not difficult to focus even when the lens is set to f/8 or f/11. 

Results were pretty much what I was expecting. Nice and sharp, with no CA / fringing etc. at the apertures I was using. f/8 and f/11. Again there is this advantage that the Fuji sensor gives. Because its so good at ISO 400, I can get narrow apertures and decent shutter speeds. Obviously no stabilisation of any kind here so I will need to make sure I don't use anything below about 1/125th. which seems to be about the lower limit for pin sharp pictures.

The Voigtlander might be a temporary or permanent solution. The Fuji 55-200mm zoom, which looks very good from the specs. is out this May. However it is heavy. Its relatively fast at f/3.5 - 4.8, and consequently is quite heavy. 580g. The Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 is 360g, so the Fuji lens is somewhat chunky. 

So whether I get that remains to be seen. In the meantime I'll be working with the Voigtlander and I'll see how that goes. 

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