DX lenses on a Nikon D800E - 2

This is the second light, inexpensive lens I've bought to use on my Nikon D800E. The Nikon DX 35mm f/1.8 lens.

Here is how it performs on the various crop settings.

As you can see, slightly more vignetting at the 1.2X and 5:4 setting than the 55-200mm, but still not huge.

Below is the 5:4 crop using my preset in ACR.

And below a 100% blow up showing how sharp this lens is on the D800E.

I tried to find out if that were other lenses that worked like this. Apparently Thom Hogan says that the 12-24mm works well from 18mm onwards, but apart from that I found little else. But then I found nothing about the 55-200mm either, so all it probably means is that people just don't try this. 

So I've completed my versatility tempered by value for money outfit for my Nikon D800E, and its worked out at just under £900. Good stuff for my austerity year while I attempt to reduce my personal fiscal defecit. And apart from loosing some of the pixels, I really don't feel I'm compromising here. 

For me there is a huge advantage, and that is in weight. The combination of the 35mm + 55-200mm is very light and more importantly easy to carry, and will make a great combination for when I walk some distance. Much as I appreciated the range of the 28-300mm zoom I had it was a beast to carry, and thats pretty much the case across the Nikon 35mm range, apart from some light (mostly old) primes. 

Its winter wonderland outside again, so I may go out later and get some snow pictures to try the combination out.

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