Canon release their DSLR version of the Panasonic G1 - only five years late

Gosh, how stylish.

Five years after the release of the Panasonic G1 Canon launch their mini-DSLR competitor. Ooh look, you can even use a pancake lens.

Best quote so far (from the Canon Press release, Sorry Imaging Resource)

'By creating such a small and light yet highly usable DSLR with the EOS Rebel SL1, Canon has immediately changed the DSLR landscape. For those out there who might have been intrigued by small, mirrorless CSCs, the Canon Rebel SL1 offers a seemingly strong alternative, but with the speed and promising image quality of a DSLR.'

The speed and 'promising' image quality of a DSLR. Be still my beating heart.

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