Canon planning very small DSLR

More out of touch lunacy from the corporate (non) imaginations of the camera manufacturers. Canon are planning the smallest DSLR ever made. Wow. What a concept. How many of you can't wait to get their hands on one of those?

Is this serious? It is getting close to April 1st. so maybe I should beware. 

Just a small thing that might have escaped the Canon suits, cameras have these things on the front that help us take pictures, they are called lenses. Some of them are quite big, some of them are very big and some of them are so big that its difficult to find a word to describe just how big they are!  But then this is the company that thought this was a good idea.

Cool eh? Well actually no, unless that is you like cameras as lens caps. Presumably their idea is some little DSLR, with a little grip but still with a mirror clanking up and down, looking much the same as the M. Did they miss the OM-D and GH-3? Maybe, if just occasionally, these people took their heads out of their trousers, drank a little less and actually took the trouble to see whats going out they might get something right now and then.

You all remember the internet chatter, "Hey when Canon and Nikon enter the mirrorless market they will just blow the competition away. All you wimps with your wussy little m4/3 stuff had better get ready for a serious spanking, because Canon and Nikon are the kings of the hill and nobody can compete with them!!" Well it didn't quite work out like that did it? 

Far be it from me to offer advice to the mighty Canon, but wouldn't you be better off making the EOS-M better? Its a piece of c**p at the moment, but is it beyond your wit and invention to actually turn out a decent mirrorless camera? Or is this going to be your only pathetic attempt? 

Did you forget that you once made cameras like this?

How 2013, modern, happening and uber cool is that? Nouveau Retro rules, or did you miss that? or ignore it? or think it was a mistake and it would go away? 

We know you love that padded shoulders 1980's look and you have a lot of fans for it around the world, but how about a bit of imagination? a new direction, something other than that Darth Vader / Robbie the Robot look you've been pushing for years. 

The answer really isn't a small version of this. As I see it there are two options. Look around at what gets all the buzz and all the attention, or just don't bother and carry on making stuff like the picture above until nobody wants them anymore. You could re-hire your old design department, or better still hire a new one. This time getting some people who actually use cameras might be a good idea, since whoever designed (???) the M obviously didn't.

OK, so this is over the top as usual, and intentionally so, but I left Canon a couple of years ago and there is nothing, and I mean nothing that is liable to tempt me back. Am I alone? The EOS-M was so compromised it fired up nobody, and didn't sell much because there is better and cheaper readily available. The smallest DSLR ever made might get a few headlines, but sales? Thats another matter and you have to earn them.

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