Two cameras that have gone to new homes

So the Panasonic GX1 and Olympus E-PL5 have been ebayed and are in new homes. Not because I didn't like them, I did. The reason that they were surplus to requirements was that I wasn't using them and I have better alternatives. 

Both are very nice cameras, but both would benefit from built-in viewfinders. The add-on EVF's are good quality, Panasonic finally having got this right, but they aren't the best solution. Both have a kind of rangefinderesque design, with the GX1 having similarities to the "brick" the L1. Both of course take a lovely snap, with the E-PL5 having the advantage of the latest m4/3 sensor, the one in the OM-D and (???) the GH3. 

I must say I didn't really take to the new style finish of the E-PL5. Its grippier, but that wonderful metal sheen of the E-PL3 and the previous Pens isn't there. I wouldn't notice much since I used it in its Toma leather case, but it is a slight "cheapening" of the brand. 

The GX1 is a nice follow-on to the GF1, before Panasonic started using the GF range for their smallest and ugliest cameras. Its OK for grip, but then I think again it benefits from a leather case, and thats what I used it with. 

There is not a lot more to say. Both are quality m4/3 cameras with the capability of taking very nice images. Both are OK for handling, but these days since there are larger m4/3 options and grips as well, they do feel a little on the small side for me these days. 

Just as a final thought, I do think that a lot of companies would benefit from slowing down a bit on the product launch front. Panasonic and Oympus as well as Sony, seem to be in a hurry to release a lot of variants of basically the same thing, with often just minor upgrades. A better sensor is obviously a reason for a new model but why is there the E-PL5 and an E-PM2? Does there have to be so many? Not as bad as Sony, since I've lost count of the NEX alternatives, but this all seems a little excessive. Panasonic have GF5 (? I loose track), GX1, G5 and GH3 all current, and there are rumours of a GX2. Why we have so many cameras and then have to wait a year for the 42.5 f/1.2 I have no idea. I guess, despite the sense of their recent facebook interview, that they are still intent in chasing Japanese Teenage Facebook Girl (JTFG?) and trying to persuade that market to add a camera to their phone. Who knows. 

Anyway both of these are very nice cameras, they take decent pictures and with the discounting that goes on these days, they are relatively cheap. I could say I'll miss them, but I won't really, since as I said I have the GH3 and OM-D which are much more my thing. Though for how much longer, who knows.

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