Tales from the Studio 5 - "I can do this" - Don't be shy

I spent a summer working in Central London at a model and casting agency. Casting agencies provide extras for film and TV work. After taking what might be described as the straightforward shots, we always asked if there was anything people could do that might be of interest to a casting director. The lady above and the gentleman below said "Well, I can do this" and I duly photographed it. 

The one above does make my eyes water however but its a shot I've always loved. The blissful expression while doing something that is probably impossible has always intrigued me. The shot below showed me the early advantage of digital, since the one hand stand was caught in the middle of a lot of movement. By the 3rd. shot I could see that I had it. Incidentally he did climb up a wall like a human fly later. Talented man!

The third picture is an example of how if you think something will work go for it. I had been photographing this cyborged lady for a while and thought I was missing something. I then had an idea. It took a while but I eventually plucked up the courage to ask "I think I could get a great shot if I lie down between your legs, is that OK?" Receiving a positive answer I duly assumed that position, pointed my camera at her metal crotch and got a picture I was happy with. I was at the time surrounded by lots of other performers who were somewhat amused to see what I was doing. A few jocular comments were passed as to what my motives might be, but I can assure all readers that this was merely my creatives juices flowing. I've always liked this "Sci-Fi Dominatrix" shot, but have never repeated it, for obvious reasons, with more conventionally clad female models. So the moral of this anecdote is - if you think you see a great shot don't be afraid to look a complete prat in front of lots of other people!

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