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If you want stunning 24MP image quality from a small camera and a Leica or an RX1 is out of the question, there is of course an alternative. Assuming you don't mind pathetic battery life, not using anything other than ISO 100, a somewhat sluggish performance and having to change cameras whenever you want a different lens (No problems there then!!!)  then the Sigma DP Merrills could be just what you need.

Today I was in my local branch of Calumet picking up my D800E which had just had its sensor cleaned prior to selling and I saw they had an SD1 and the DP1 and DP2 Merrills on display. There was an optical viewfinder for the DP1M which I promptly ordered, and I talked to the assistant about why they had Sigma in store. Apparently the company are making the cameras available for professionals to try out. Apparently this has met with almost universal thumbs down, since for most professional photographers the SD1 is completely useless.

I related my experiences with the compacts and tried to convince him that yes that little black thing does really produce images that almost equal the D800E, but I realised that his smiles and comments of "Oh really" were hiding the fact that he thought I was just another photographic nutter. 

And to a certain extent this is Sigmas problem, though they do seem to be getting reasonably understanding press coverage this time. Yesterday Sigma posted some samples from the DP3 Merrill, the one with the 50mm lens HERE, and they are just stunning. maybe the sharpest yet. I was so impressed that I am considering a somewhat radical solution to my what cameras to keep dilemma. I have always thought that I would never get into a situation where I just use these Sigmas. But now I'm thinking that maybe I will.

Part of this idea, which is a gamble, has been fermented by the scanning I'm doing currently. Virtually everything I post is taken on 50 ISO film. (Fuji Velvia) I would go off for three weeks to Europe with lots of rolls of that and nothing else. 50% of it of course medium format film. And yet somehow I managed, with no high ISO facility and no fast lenses and the images I shot are still selling well now. So compared with that the Sigmas are versatile beyond belief. So long that is that you see changing the battery as similar to changing film of course!!

Still no final decision, but the ordering of the viewfinder seemed to indicate my positive attitude towards this. In the meantime here are three images from the DP1M, upsized to 24MP and cropped to a 100% blowup. Maybe you'll get some idea from these why I'm contemplating what I'm contemplating.

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