Panasonic Interview

Firstly do Dpreview deliberately make the camera company executives they photograph look so bad, or is it it some ironic stylistic statement? (Or are they just not very good photographers?)

However some interesting comments.

'In Japan and Asia, the GF series is very strong but European countries it's very different. GH is well accepted everywhere - including America and Asia. In Japan the GF is our best seller but we have competition from Olympus, Sony, Canon and Nikon. We have to think about what to do next with the GF and G series - some people still require the viewfinder of the G series but it's difficult to know what we should offer in the middle of the range for customers in Europe and America.'

'Our first thought was that the people who would want our cameras were step-up users from compact cameras. Outside of Japan this hasn't been true and some high-end amateurs have accepted the cameras. Some people still like bigness, so we have to change our thinking. We have to explain that it's not just a case that a bigger sensor is better - you also need to consider size and lens quality - that's a very difficult message.'

Nice that they have realised (eventually) that there are different markets for these cameras, and there are different tastes in different countries. They still don't seem to have got to grips with the U.S. market however, since everything I read indicates that cameras like the GH3 arrive late and are difficult to get.

One thing I guess we should take into consideration is that Panasonic are still pretty new to the camera market. This could be seen as a disadvantage, but then it could indicate a fresh look at the market. Certainly they and Sony, also relative newcomers, have probably been the two companies with the greatest innovations in recent years and they don't seem afraid to go for something different. And it is encouraging to see a recognition (finally) that m4/3 isn't just going to appeal to compact upgraders.

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