Nikon D7100 - some thoughts

The Nikon D7100 announcement has certainly intrigued me. The combination of no AA filter and the 1.3 (4/3?) crop are interesting features. I had a D7000 in 2011 and it was a great camera to use, so I'm assuming the D7100 would be the same, with lots of things improved.

The fascination however is this lack of an AA / Low Pass filter. It seems this isn't a filter to remove the effects of another one, as in the D800E, but a genuine filterless sensor. And 24MP on APS-C. Everything would tell us that this would difficult to say the least and with the D3200 and D600 Nikon have clearly gone for a strong AA filter on both. So what have they discovered that lets them do this? Are we really going to get something approaching Leicaesque sharpness? What of the high ISO performance? The Pentax K-5 II certainly produced some really sharp images from the samples I saw, but from a 16MP sensor. Squeezing 24MP from APS-C is certainly possible as with my NEX-7, but it does seem Nikon are pushing the envelope here.

There are some samples on a Nikon website HERE which certainly show an encouraging crispness and rendition of detail. Nikon seem to making every effort to make sure DSLR's don't just fade away and die and thats good to see. I'm sure we'll see more surfacing over the coming days which might give a better idea as to what this camera can do. But as for now it sure looks interesting.

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