NEX-7 - The perfect camera for stock photography?

I mentioned in a previous post about how successful my NEX-7 images are at being accepted by pictures libraries and how well they sell. What I didn't know is that libraries will still accept them taken at ISO 800. The two unremarkable images I have posted here were, I discovered, taken on that setting. It was not intentional but the day was cold and so were my fingers so I must have changed the ISO by mistake on the camera. They looked a bit 'grainy' when I examined them but I processed that out and they have been accepted. This is unusual, since libraries don't like anything at over ISO 200 normally.

Just more evidence that the NEX-7 is my 'sensible' choice as to the camera I keep, though sense and the cameras I use have little in common! It seems I'm using the NEX-7 more and more and at the moment its the favourite for the camera that will form the basis of my much depleted collection. The image size is also spot on. 24MP - 6000 x 4000 pixels, is almost the perfect size for stock photography. The D800E produces great images, but I've never yet sold an image at that size. 24MP handles virtually every publishing need, while still possessing crop possibilities, so it works well.

On the camera front, I'm currently down to 7. The Panasonic G5 was the last to go. Nice camera, but somewhat overshadowed by the GH3. I think the NEX-6 will be in line for ebay soon, but then its down to the nitty gritty. The cameras I really don't want to sell. Olympus OM-D, Panasonic GH3, Nikon D800E and the two Sigma DP Merrills, as well as the NEX-7 of course. It is I think going to be impulse that decides which go and which stay. If it is the NEX-7 I go for, I will buy another one. The NEX-6 is OK, but the 7 works a lot better for me. The Nikon particularly is going to be very difficult to get into a cardboard box and take down to the post office. The Sigmas also. They all have this extrordinary image quality, which the NEX-7 can't match, but the Sony beats both for handling as far as I'm concerned. The m4/3 cameras have a real pull also, I love the system, I love the lenses, I love the whole concept, but I really can't keep everything and I will be financially handicapping myself for the next 12 months if I don't get what I use down to the bare minimum.

So only about 6 weeks left to the end of the financial year and I will have to get a move on about deciding. Watch this space!!

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