Leica M .DNG samples

There are some Leica M .DNG raw file samples HERE (click on PERFORMANCE PROOFS) and HERE.

Do have a look for yourselves, but for me it seems the rumours were true, using a CMOS sensor has improved the high ISO performance, though its nothing great, but the "magic" of the M9 CCD seems missing. The images are sharp enough, but nothing my D800E can't better with another 12MP crammed onto the sensor. There is also the odd bit of banding here and there.

I was particularly disappointed with the ISO 200 shots. Don't get me wrong, they are good, there's no denying that, but special? Not for me. I just wonder why Leica have gone this way? They surely don't think they can compete with Canon and Nikon, do they? There is nothing that I've seen here that betters a Nikon D600 + top of the range Nikon primes and surely for the price of the camera and lenses shouldn't that be Leicas top priority? This camera may yet make the RX1 seem like a bargain!!

There is of course the rangefinder experience, for what its worth, and of course the capacity to use virtually any lens made with an aperture ring via adapters. But if Leica lenses can only produce something like this, then I'm not sure that there is much point. There is also the possibility to add the rebadged Olympus VF-2 and use focus peaking, so basically a NEX-7 copy then!!  

Do check the samples out (some are on the Leica site so they must think they are representative of the final product) and make up your own mind, but as far as I'm concerned I was expecting more from a sensor with no AA filter. I bet you still can't get hold of one for the next year unless you have reserved one however. 

N.B. By the way if someone cares to send me one I'd love to do a comparison with my Sigma DP Merrills!! 

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