Is this finally a converter that does the Fuji X-Trans sensor justice?

From Dpreview - LINK HERE

The much anticipated new versions of Adobe Camera Raw for Lightroom and Photoshop are out. The most interesting thing is obviously the reworked conversion parameters for the Fuji X-Trans sensor and the X-PRO 1 X-E1 and X100s cameras. Whatever has been going on between Adobe and Fuji during the last year we can only guess at, but it seems Adobe have done some serious work to get this right.

My first look at how ACR processes X-Pro 1 files in Photoshop CS6 is encouraging. 

There is certainly now much more foliage detail, colour rendition is excellent and as you can see with the last 100% blowup ISO 6400 with some noise reduction added in Photoshop is simply spectacular.

There is still an unusual look to the files when I examinine the files at 100% and I suspect that ultimately Raw Photo Processor 64 may still be the best converter, but these are MUCH better, as I think you can see. This sensors strength is still the high ISO performance, and that church interior shot at ISO 6400 from raw is the best I've ever seen at that setting. Noise reduction has removed some detail from the white statue, but considering what its shot at, I can't see many people complaining too much. The level of detail retained overall and the low noise are still very impressive.

I'll be looking more at this, but it does seem that finally we can see the potential of the raw files from this sensor, in an efficient and familiar workflow. We will probably never know how this finally got done and a year is a ridiculous time to wait but a lot of people may now feel inclined to look again at what this Fuji sensor is capable of. I'm certainly pleased to see this. This was my primary complaint about the X-Pro 1. It also deals to a large extent with some of my other criticisms, in that I didn't see how people could write about the camera with uncritical worship when this obvious lack of decent raw conversion capability was creating files that just weren't good enough.

However, throughout all of my pieces on the camera, I have maintained that my initial comment that taking everything into consideration and particularly the high ISO rendition, this sensor is the best for overall IQ that I have ever used. And I still stand by that. If you have the time (and an Apple-Mac) I still think that Raw Photo Processor 64 will yield the sharpest results, particularly at low ISO's, but this Photoshop update shows that there is no need to to accept the compromises of the Fuji / Silkypix software anymore. Fuji owners can now process their files easily and quickly with every expectation that they will get a very good result. I'm going to see just what I can get out of X-Pro 1 files and I'll post more on this in the coming days. 

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