Is the Sony NEX-7 old school?

All images Sony NEX-7 Sigma 19mm f/2.8 and Voigtlander 90mm f/3.5 M-Mount lens.

So is the NEX-7 old school? Well lets just say I'm trying my best to make it that. I wrote the other day about how cameras and other tech is becoming to small for me to operate comfortably and using the NEX-7 yesterday I realised that in terms of the buttons and controls its better than some. Like many others I'm no fan of the Sony menu system, but I actually use very little of it. I've got everything I need set up on the control wheels at the back and I change whatever I want, i.e. ISO, +/- exposure, aperture and shutter speed with these controls. I rarely want to change anything else.

It is also a very nicely balanced camera and the Leicaesque viewfinder on the far left of the back of the camera gives a nice old school feel as well. I somehow manage to always sound surprised when I realise just what a good camera it is, and it can be a very simple camera as well. One of the things I really liked about the Leicas I've owned was how they had no "fluff", that is no functions I'm never going to use. No techno gadgety gimmicky nonsense designed to impress reviewers but little to do with creating images. The NEX-7 isn't free of this of course with its Panoramas, HDR and scene modes, but it is relatively easy to ignore them and use it as a pretty basic lookaleica. 

Those of you who are observant will have noticed that I've mentioned Leica twice here and this is the camera that reminds me of my M8's and M9 the most. Much more than those plastic Fuji things which with all their complications strike me as the antithesis of what Leica stands for. 

Its very much a personal view of course and I realise that there are many who dislike the whole NEX range. But this is my longest serving camera - 14 months and counting and I keep coming back to it, so there has to be something there that attracts me. The speed and ease of operation is one thing that I notice every time I use it and it is certainly the nicest handling of all my small cameras. It gets my highest possible accolade. It does the job with no fuss. I can't think of a higher complement.

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