Back - but for how long?

I guess its hard to imagine why people would prise open a series of manhole covers, cut several lengths of phone cable and steal them. But that is what has happened locally here, resulting in my being off line yet again. The thought of people preventing other people contacting the emergency services in a crisis so that they can make a few pounds is beyond belief, unless of course you are a thief bereft of any moral conscience. Who knows what damage they did, how many ambulances were too late, how many fire engines didn't make it in time. Some people regard this as kind of amusing, a bit like the seemingly strange attitude to computer hacking, which results in unnecessary pain, suffering and death. It seems that vandalising war memorials to steal other materials isn't the lowest these people will stoop to. 

Though we all know that these things go on and the capacity for certain members of the human race to demonstrate they are morality free happens on a regular basis, I am still surprised by peoples capacity to demonstrate just how startlingly sub-human they can be. In my view they deserve to find out just how a pair of pliers, two bare wires connected to the mains and a kettle of boiling water can be used creatively to convince them of the error of their ways!! There seems little other chance of stopping things like this. I must admit I've never had a great opinion of the rest of my fellow man, this just confirms it.

However my personal inconvenience was temporary and was little more than just that, an inconvenience. It did mean I could get on with with something else, in this case some scanning. 

You may of course be wondering as to where is the new digital stuff? However just as I described the UK climate as being under the influence of global soaking, we are also suffering from serious global dimming. Since the start of 2013 the sun has been in short supply. Today was cold and dull with the ground covered with a combination of snow, ice and slush. Its been like this for days, with no end in sight. I enjoy winter light, but this year its disappeared behind a grey blanket of cloud. On the rare occasions the sun has appeared its been accompanied by a wind so cold I thought my nose and ears were going to snap and fall off. 

Somewhat optimistically I regard the 1st. march as the first day of spring. God knows what I'll get this year. I can at least spend my time remembering the summer sunshine of the French alps and pyrenees, if only in two dimensions. 

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