What is this nonsense?

What is this nonsense? The Fuji X Trans raw file saga just gets sillier and sillier. Apparently "The Fuji Guys" work for Fuji and they are asking via twitter for everybody to help get Apple and Adobe to support their raw files. "They have the required docs to properly support it".

So this is how multi-nationals communicate with each other now is it? I just wonder what they imagine Fuji camera owners are going to do? Obviously as an ex-owner, but one who would like to see a decent converter for the files I have without going through all the hassle of RPP, excellent though that is, Fuji seem to think I have more influence with Adobe and Apple than they do. Interesting idea.

Since the Capture One software produces the same problems do they need our help with them too? Is everybodys being mean to Fuji. Ahhhhh!

What complete rubbish. Did Fuji miss the point that if they could have been bothered to produce some decent software of their own, then there would be no need for this?

Sometimes you wonder what goes on in these corporate offices. Do they all check their brains at the door when they go to work? It sure seems like it sometimes.

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