The Sigma DP1 Merrill review begins

Actually less of a review, more some kind of Sigma Foveon sensor love-in. I'll try hard to be objective but its going to be hard! Because these are the best wide-angle images, in terms of sharpness, definition and clarity I've ever taken, with any kind of camera, film or digital in any format. The images on my screen are things of beauty, absolutely stunning. Almost too sharp, and with a colour separation that is almost unbelievable. I will put up with almost anything to make images that look this good. 

(So, going to be one of those "reviews" is it??)

Here are some 100% blowups. (Since the forecast was wrong and the sun did appear yesterday.)

Check out the detail on the poster, the door and the arch on the shot above.

Its even razor sharp wide open at f/2.8 - see below.

Compared to the DP2 Merrill, there is some CA, which is one reason I produce files I can get into Adobe Camera Raw ASAP. There is I believe also some barrel distortion, not much but I think you can see it. 

So, some negatives. However these are nothing compared to what the DP1M produces, and the thought of shooting spring and summer landscapes with this is mouthwatering.

OK I'll stop gushing and no I'm not going to use the A-word! I'll do some testing in the coming days, but if you are interested in the best image quality this side of big, heavy and expensive MF, then try and get your hands on one of these DP Merrills and shoot some images with one. I've been doing this for a while and I still can't believe what I'm seeing. 

The best IQ I've ever seen from one of the most primitive and least versatile cameras on the market today. There has to be a lesson in there somewhere!!


I had actually forgotten about the D800E/DP2M comparison from THIS POST.
The answer is below.

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