The blog currently.

The blog is a bit financially orientated at the moment, but then that is what doing this is supposed to be about. A daily account of what's going on plus what I'm interested in. There are some blogs that don't really work like that and are more like promotional websites with a unified viewpoint and a pretty obvious philosophy (dogma?) working through them, but this is pretty much an account of how I'm feeling on a day to day basis, with all the subsequent inconsistencies.

Plus one of the objects of this exercise, other than I love doing it, is to give some idea as to what being a full-time photographer is all about. I'm slightly different to other bloggers since I work on my own and shoot almost exclusively for stock these days, but hopefully this does give a flavour as to what its like to have a job like this. 

I am really not in any kind of danger of financial meltdown, but lets just say that some of what I have doing has been self-indulgent. I have been making a decent living, and still am, but my passion for buying cameras and lenses has got somewhat out of control. In many ways this has been encouraged by the success of the blog, in terms of visitors at least, throughout the last year. I have been carried away by the number of hits that my "reviews" get and have bought far too much gear to justify the very small increase in income that has generated.

My core income is stable, and indeed if anything is still going up. So that's what I'm going back to concentrating on. It really isn't much more than that and it may sound somewhat dramatic, but in reality I'm just trying to intoduce an element of common sense into how I run my business. Something that would seem to be prudent in the current economic climate. The short-term plan is to stop having a shelf packed with cameras and lenses that get used rarely, and in some cases not at all. Yes they will be sold at a loss, but that makes more sense than having them gathering dust and loosing even more money. 

To be honest its something I should have done a while ago, but I've really been enjoying trying this stuff out and writing about it. I'm also not immune to the flattery that I get when people from all over the world link to this site. I do check back some of the links and since I don't understand the languages have no idea whether the referrals are positive or negative, but they keep coming none the less.

That I guess will mostly stop, as I shall obviously be doing less tests and posting less comparisons between different items of gear, but I have no intention of stopping writing this blog. As I have indicated before it is very addictive and I would miss it if I didn't do it. Being without an internet connection for a couple of days was torture. But it will by nature change somewhat, and there will be far less diversity in what I use, unless of course some financial magic occurs.

I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about, and I currently have a backlog of posts waiting to be published. However to those who have sent messages, many thanks. Also the virus that has been annoying me for so long seems to be finally giving up, so the day is improving.

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