Site Statement

I thought I'd like to make it clear that if you are looking for religion, politics, dabblings with the spirit world, UFO sightings, how the moon landings were faked, who really killed Kennedy and any discussion of what actually went on at Roswell, then you will be disappointed by reading this blog.

I realise that this is a fast developing branch of the photographic internet but I have no pictures of ghosts, spectres, ectoplasm or ouija boards and I have no evidence of government cover-ups, conspiracies, reptiles controlling the world or extraterrestials trapped in human bodies. 

I realise that this is something lacking in the Soundimageplus topic lists and I must apologise for only writing about photography, cameras and lenses. However, there is hope, by clicking THIS LINK you will be able to gain access to something that might be of interest.

I am currently commissioning a set of pictures of myself kneeling in a graveyard, so let nobody imagine that I'm going to miss out on a trend.