Sigma DP3 Merrill

Well its not my ideal focal length but there's apparently a 3rd. DP Merrill coming from Sigma with a 50mm f/2.8 lens. I guess that if you are going to make fixed lens cameras then a 50mm for APS-C is about as long as you can go. So I guess its an option to buy all three DPM's and have 28mm, 45mm and 75mm "equivalents." Sort of like having a field camera / plate camera outfit with three lenses.

The cameras are relatively light so it wouldn't be a burden to carry all three around. And since Sigma have no intention of making an interchangeable lens system, I guess this is the best that we are going to get. An interchangeable camera system!! I would presume that Sigma know to make a beautifully matched 50mm for the Foveon sensor so I'm sure the DP3M, if its a reality, will take a stunning picture. So all three is probably a better option than an SD1 and a selection of Sigma primes, which though some of them are excellent quality, they are big and heavy. It would also mean that if you take three cameras around at least you have three batteries with you, which is a help.

Makes me wonder if this is something for me. If I'm going to use one of these then I'll go for the 30mm model every time, but if I'm going to use more than one then I'd probably go for the 19mm and 50mm versions, which gives a decent spread. However with Sigma's usual speed about getting these things on the shelves, I've probably got a long time to think about it. 

Its interesting, but I'm not sure it's something that I want to do. I do like the 30mm version I have and it simplifies things, plus I've never felt particularly restricted by one lens. The old making rather than taking pictures philosophy. Now if they had come out with an 85mm, even a 60mm, then that might have been something that I would have gone for, but then who would want to buy a fixed length 85mm APS-C compact? Sigma might have assumed that Landscape photographers particularly would have been interested in a set of cameras that offered a wide(ish) range, but conservatism seems to have prevailed.

If this camera is a reality it might be evidence that the existing DPM's are selling reasonably well, and if so that's encouraging. Means that the Foveon technology has potential for future development, though again I see this as a slow process. It always has been and I imagine will continue to be so.

Interesting news though. 

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