Scott Bourne and the Olympus OM-D

A fascinating article by Photographer Scott Bourne.

A sample quote -
"The Olympus is not a perfect camera. Shock. Of course there is no such thing. But for me, (not necessarily you) it is as close as I’ll come right now. Here’s why.
I am getting old. There. I said it. Carrying tons of gear on excursions used to excite me. Now it tires me out. I have used almost every professional camera system ever made and I have learned one thing. Photographic gear (like photography) is always about trade-offs."

Really interesting and well-thought out analysis, by a talented photographer, with some pretty sensible options.  I wouldn't necessarily agree with everything he writes and at some point I'll be doing my own version, but in the light of some of the writing you see about this, its a breath of fresh air. 

Interesting blog also written with Richard harrington - HERE.

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