Sales of Mirrorless Cameras in Japan - Dpreview camera of the year

Mirrorless Rumors have a list of the best selling cameras in Japan last year.

Interesting to see the market share of the companies with m4/3 taking almost 50% of the market, just from the top 20 cameras. There are lots of other cameras below No.20 not shown so they might in fact have more. No Samsung or Fuji in the top 20. Mostly cameras here that have been around for a while and most of the cameras are what might be described as the lower end models, though the NEX-7 and OM-D are in there. Japan only, I know, but interesting to see what people buy as opposed to the amount of "internet chatter" that is created. Incidentally I've bought 10 of them and I still own 5 of them. 

The OM-D won the Dpreview Readers Camera of the Year from the Nikon D800/800E and the Canon 5D Mk II. Apparently the Olympus won by 1% point. Interesting to see a CSC, admittedly one that takes its inspiration from the SLR tradition, proving most popular. Interesting also to compare photographers favourites with actual sales, but I guess there's no surprise there. Plus when you factor in that a lot of the Japan top 20 have probably been discounted and the OM-D is more expensive and probably yields more profit, it shows just how successful it has been.

A list of the top 20 profit-making cameras worldwide would be interesting, though I imagine we won't ever get to see one of those. DSLR's for example apparently make substantially more money per unit than compact cameras, so sales volumes aren't neccesarily the best indicator as to which way camera manufacturers will go. They could well sell less of a DSLR model but make more money from it than a compact or CSC with higher sales figures. 

So thats the end of todays Bloomberg Channel impersonation. 

I like 2013, the suns out!! (Whats that?) I might actually get out and take some pictures in sunlight again, which hasn't happened for some time.

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