Put out the flags!!

When I edited the above image earlier today, it was the last outstanding image I had waiting. I currently have no digital files or scans waiting to be adjusted for levels etc. or to be captioned or keyworded. There are still a lot waiting to be uploaded, but the Photoshop work has all been done. (For now)

It is such a rare event that I thought it worthy of mention. To be honest I can't remember the last time it happened, certainly a while ago. Just shows the "advantage" of prolonged spells  of bad (dull) weather.

2012 was actually a great year for photographs. Most people on holiday in the UK would not have agreed with that assessment and it was certainly one of the wettest years on record here, but almost every day seemed to have a spell of decent light and it was particularly a year that had some remarkable cloud formations.

I thought I might take this opportunity to have a short moritorium and decide where to go from here. There are the questions of what cameras I'm going to keep, and how many. I thought I might also take a few days to think about whether I want to make any changes to the kind of images I'm producing or whether I will just carry on as before.

Like most landscape and location photographers I spend a lot of time in my home area, and the tendency is to return to places again and again. However I'm never at a loss to shoot something fresh as things do change, with different light and seasonal growth is always different. In terms of getting shots of the places I regularly visit, I've probably got as many of the standard stock shots as I need, and there is an opportunity for something different. I would also like to take much less, but that is admittedly somewhat different for me, since I do seem to like pressing the shutter and trying things out. Some people weed out the good from the also-rans, but doing this for so long I tend not to have many also-rans. Everything I take is far from a great picture, but these days I rarely take anything that couldn't be of use to someone, somewhere in the world.

So its an interesting situation and one I've always thought I would relish, but now its actually here I'm somewhat unsure as to what to do. With a large queue of images constantly waiting to be worked on, things were pretty simple, but now that has gone I have an unfamiliar freedom and its somewhat disconcerting. I do tend to make decisions fairly quickly so I'm sure I'll decide on a course of action soon. I may just take the opportunity to enjoy the next couple of days however. 

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