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Whenever I write a post about a cameras video capabilities the hits go down, whenever I do an article and include a video someone else has shot, the hits go down, if I refer to something Phillip Bloom or Andrew Reid has written, the hits go down. And by go down, I mean that they can be anything up to 1/4 of what I would expect to receive for a piece not about video. 

Video and movie makers seemed to have embraced DSLR and CSC video with cameras like the canon 5D Mk II and Panasonic GH2 leading the way. However, from the huge number of posts on forums I read that contain the phrase "I'm just not interested in video" the enthusiasm from stills photographers strikes me as being somewhat more muted.

Many of course, including professionals have added this to their workflow, as indeed have I. When I was still doing commissioned commercial work a lot of it was video combined with stills. This included Weddings, Industrial work and Events. Comments on cameras like the Panasonic GH3 are often more about the video than the stills, but I still get the impression that the video possibilities of a camera are pretty low priority for the majority of stills photographers.

It is of course, less instinctive, more complicated, time consuming and storage space heavy. You need a pretty high-spec computer to edit it, and it involves carrying more gear around, working with a tripod and planning ahead. And of course, while many of us carry around gear capable of providing a front cover for Vogue, it would take a whole crew to carry around what we need to shoot even a short editorial piece for a local news programme.

Interesting that one of the most incredible advances in digital imaging seems to be regarded as a bit of a luxury function. Anyone else have a view on this? If anyone reads the post of course!

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