Pentax MX-1

So here we have yet another heap of c**p,  sorry retro styled compact from Pentax. (Sorry again - thats Pentax Ricoh this week) Micro sensor, no EVF, no hotshoe, its apparently a rebadged Olympus. But hey its got brass bits. So thats all right then. 

Obviously Pentax-Ricoh think that their 1.5% share of the camera market, or whatever it is, is way too much, and they are intent on reducing it even further. Personally I think the people who now run this once illustrious company should be very ashamed. 

To further compound the insult you can now get that rubbish Q system in all sorts of Fisher Price colours. 

And yes, I'm well aware that these cameras aren't aimed at me, however its difficult to see just who they are aimed at. 7 year olds possibly? This is the company that gave us the Pentax 645, the 6x7, the Spotmatics, the K cameras, the MZ cameras and countless others. This is the company who make the 31mm, 43mm and 77mm limited lenses and can still come up with decent cameras like the K-5 and the K-5ii, which are unfortunately WAY too expensive.

And of course this still won't get them anywhere near to the position that they used to have. They will still be languishing somewhere around the bottom of the list in terms of sales. I thought the K-01 was bad enough but they seem to be determined to trash their reputation even more with this junk. 

You can probably guess that this is the bitter rantings of a p****d off ex-Pentax fanboy, and you'd be right. I used to wait impatiently for their every announcement, but now each time they issue a press release my heart sinks even lower.


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