Olympus OM-D or Panasonic GH3 - Which one would I choose?

If I had to choose only one of these cameras to keep, which one would it be?

Certainly the OM-D is more aesthetic, and with its 3 options of grip is pretty versatile in its handling. It also has that lovely retro silver exterior and feels really good to handle.

However, I would choose the GH3. Because its easier to grip comfortably, has some decent sized controls and more of them on the body and because its got the electronic shutter. In terms of image quality I don't see a difference, well not enough of one to influence me, so its really how the camera feels in the hand and when I'm out shooting. I also love the look of it, particularly with the grip attached.

However I must say that its going to be extremely difficult getting either of these cameras packed up and out the door on their way to new owners. Despite my desire (and financial need) to get my camera stock down, I really don't want to part with either. I've already gone over the limit of two I set myself with the Sigma DPM's, as I seem to have convinced myself somehow that the DP1, DP2 and DP3 Merrills are actually one camera, so I'm already going back on what I agreed with my accountant.

If I keep either of the OM-D or GH3 then the D800E will have to go and again that will be something I would find very difficult. There is no doubt that I will incur a financial penalty if I keep more than I need and I have to come to a decision eventually. 

So its going to be watch this space. At least I have time to use the cameras more and really decide what I can't live without. Image quality versus pleasure of use. A difficult choice, and though I usually come down on the side of more pixels and higher MP's, this decision might be difficult and I'll probably decide with a snap judgement at the last moment.

However, it is worth repeating again just how good I think the OM-D and GH3 are. Both are superb cameras and produce excellent images, both deserve all the attention and praise they are getting and both seem to be what large numbers of photographers want. If you are looking for versatility, speed and quality without having to wear a back support then they pretty much have no equal. These are "real" cameras for "real" photographers and embrace both photographic history and modern technology in a way that benefits rather than hinders us. 

All I'm hoping is that "decision day" i.e. somewhere before the end of my tax year on April 5th. comes slowly, so that I can have more time with these excellent examples of camera engineering, design and yes, art.

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