Is it a genuine Samyang? - Sigma ART lenses.

There's a nice semi-humerous little post at 1001Noisy Cameras - HERE about the branding identity of Samyang lenses. I'll let you read it yourselves.

I must say that the Samyang lenses I've used have been excellent optically. There have been a few issues about the depth-of field and focusing scales which on the 14mm I bought were way out. But in terms of image quality and value for money there wasn't a lot to complain about. Which of course makes the way they sell and their "identity" problems all the stranger.

There is a piece at MirrorlessRumors about the discounts available on the excellent 19mm and 30mm Sigma lenses. Plus a rumour that new "ART" i.e. apparently high-quality, versions are in the pipeline. Apparently the 35mm f/1.4 was the first ART lens and that has got amazing reviews. I like both the cheap Sigma primes for my NEX cameras and also the lenses on the DP1 and DP2 Merrills, so "souped-up" versions of both may well be worth waiting for.

Sigma seem to somewhat on an upward curve and there seems to be a new enthusiasm and ambition to come up with quality stuff. This after the original SD1 debacle. I hesitate to write this, but this does seem to have coincided with the death of the original CEO Michihiro Yamaki, and the takeover of the company by his son Kazuto.

Fairly shortly after this the SD1 price was dramatically reduced. I won't go into the complexities of Japanese family owned corporations, simply because I wouldn't know where to start, but it does seem that Kazuto Yamaki has given a new impetus to Sigma and the DP Merrills and the 35mm f/1.4 have attracted a lot of positive comments. 

As a long time Sigma user I've always been interested in what the company produces and regular readers will be well aware of my enthusiasm for the current Foveon sensor. Hopefully they can move forward again in their primary field, 3rd. party lenses. It will be interesting to see if these "ART" lenses appear and if they can follow on from the recent 35mm. and match its quality. They always were a decent alternative to the overpriced marque lenses from Canon and Nikon etc. and it would be nice to see them showing the big boys that there are some real high quality alternatives. 

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