Fuji X-Trans sensor and Phase One

Dpreview have been testing the new Capture One software which has raw support for the Fuji X-Trans sensor cameras. It seems that STILL the mushy foliage problem is not addressed and the whole article doesn't inspire much hope.

Have a look at the article and comments to see what you think, but this really doesn't inspire a lot of confidence that the system as a whole will survive. Lots of people writing that the SilkyPix software is still the best, which if thats the case is pretty depressing.

This technology could/should be really great. The high ISO results are terrific and when run through third party software - Raw Photo Processor 64 (Mac Only) the raw files show what the sensor is capable of. I still stand by my statement that the X-Pro 1 produced the best image quality I've ever seen, when you take into account all ISO settings, jpg. quality, colour accuracy etc. but why does it have to be so hard to get? I gave up.

I wonder how many more will do the same if Fuji don't sort this out. 

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